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The staff is very friendly and one of the staff members is Eriko, which is Dr. Shiraki’s wife! If you don’t know that a chiropractor is right for you, just give them a call! I’m sure they can assist you with any questions you may have. It’s such a great experience to have found Dr. Shiraki and his staff!

Tiare Silva

Dr. Shiraki is a true servant and you will feel how special his office is the moment you walk through the door. His humility was obvious to me while reading his website so I decided to meet him in person. I have met with him numerous times to talk Chiropractic and to get adjusted. Dr. Shiraki has been instrumental in helping me get my own practice going in Hawaii. I have met many humble servants in my career as a chiropractor but few to the level I believe Dr. Shiraki is on. You’ve made a great choice with Dr. Shiraki.

Eric Vroom, D.C.

I have hit a milestone, one that I never dreamed of. My life from 2004 until 2013, I have been under tremendous pain, which fluctuated anywhere from 5½ to 10, where I was at the mercy of the workers comp doctor who insisted I had hit a level where nothing else could be done, except to manage the pain by taking painkillers and muscle relaxers. I popped my L5 disc in a work injury where my health and body was slowly deteriorating, way before its time . . . My wife now looks at me in amazement, and comments how I can actually walk like a normal person. I’m no longer hobbling with a gait like Quasimodo . . . The effects of seeing Dr. Shiraki has been nothing but a Blessing. He truly is one of the Angels sent by God himself to help me through my lowest point in my life . . . I’m actually thinking of going back to the gym again, I feel that good compared to what I use to feel. My back is straightening out and my hips are once again level. I still have my bad days, but they have gotten less and less. I have been humbled before God and he has bestowed upon me one of his Angels, gifted with sensibility and determination to help his fellow men.

Michael Panzo
The Chiropractic Assistants greet you warmly and politely every time. They follow up with you on the day of your appointment. They are the key to everything running smoothly. Dr. Parker listens to his customer and adjusts them accordingly. He truly cares about his patients. Last but not least, Dr. Shiraki runs a smooth and professional operation. His whole premise of business is to take care of his customers.
Devin Statts

The Staff were all very supportive and when asked my pain level (zero to ten), I softly mumbled painfully, “If you had a 13, that be it.” I was literally on the brink of tears. I was unable to lay on the table for ice/heat therapy, so I had to sit awkwardly (due to pain), and Michael strapped the ice pack on me and then later brought the heat lamp. I was hurting so badly. Dr. Parker and the team were so helpful and always put a hand out to assist me that day. Then, after the adjustment with Dr. Parker, things just opened up and this wave of relief came over me. The visits that followed just made it better and now…

Kehau Javier

I love Honor Box Chiropractic. They have helped me so much! Their office has a family atmosphere that makes me comfortable. The adjustments are like the doctor is listening to my back through his fingers and carefully re-aligning it. I always feel better after my treatments!

Emi Fukuda

I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first about going to see a chiropractor, but after meeting Dr. Shiraki and talking to him I felt very comfortable about making the choice of chiropractic care.

Lynn Yamauchi

I got into a car accident in 1986 and suffered whiplash. After therapy I was fine until 2003. The pain was excruciating. With God’s guidance I found Dr. Shiraki who has blessed me and kept me healthy ever since. I visit with him regularly, enjoy life as it should be, being mobile, medication free, and happy — allowing me to continue to do God’s ministry! Mahalo ke Akua, Mahalo Doc Shiraki!

Violet Medeiros