The Honor Box
The Honor Box

It was one month after the 9/11 tragedy. I could not sleep. I sat at my dining room table reviewing stats, financial projections, and adjusted budgets. My mind was consumed with an idea that had grown huge over the past couple weeks, and that night, I found myself reviewing the total implications of adopting this new style of running my practice.

In some respects the idea was crazy. From a pure business perspective it was foolish, maybe suicidal. However, the idealistic side of me knew that this approach to health care was the most congruent with everything I believed about healing, my responsibility as a doctor, and what it means to provide the best care to my patients.

So, after pondering the matter deep into the night, I prayed and as dawn broke I finally felt a quiet confirmation in my mind and heart that I should take this leap of faith.

The next day, Hawaii’s first Honor Box was born.

The Threefold Mission of Honor Box Chiropractic

We shall forever change the health care industry in Hawaii by means of:

  • Establishing a new wellness paradigm in these islands which affirms that chiropractic care is not a luxury; it is a necessity for good health
  • Proving that a compassionate health care facility which actually values the well-being of people above profit can still thrive as a viable business entity
  • Empowering families to look beyond drugs and surgery for health solutions, and to instead rely on their own innate intelligence to achieve optimal healing


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